About Us

Bayside Athletics is a nonprofit 501 c 3, our mission is to develop young athletes spiritually, mentally and physically through the sports of cheerleading and tumbling.

Our programs are developed for youth ages 3-18 and special needs athletes from youth through the adult years. We are proud to serve Walworth County and its surrounding areas. Bayside Athletics offers cheer and tumbling classes, recreation and all-star cheer teams. We hold many clinics for our sports throughout the year to help our area youth be exposed to these sports and build their skills – which in return builds their confidence.

The Bayside in Bayside Athletics is not a physical location. It is our coaching style, we coach our athletes in the safe harbor of Christ’s love and grace.

Bayside Athletics encourages its athletes to try new athletic ventures, to push their physically and mental limits, and to grow spiritually in a safe harbor. Bayside doesn’t stand for a location; it is symbolic of the environment we create for our athletes.

I urge you to come visit a Bayside class or team practice, talk to parents and see what make us different and why you should consider Bayside Athletics for your athlete

Bayside Core Values

  1. Faith – Trust, belief, confidence, and conviction. Have complete trust in your heavenly creator and in your abilities to accomplish anything you put your mind to.
  2. Integrity – Do the right thing, all the time, even if no one is looking.
  3. First Fruits – Bring your best. Do all you do, with all of who you are.
  4. Impact – Make a positive impact on each other and the next generation.
  5. Authenticity – We are all created unique. Do not conform to this world, embrace your uniqueness and love and accept others for theirs. Be real and genuine towards ourselves and others.
  6. Humility – Regard others more highly then yourself. Be selfless. Put others before your self-interests.
  7. Unconditional – Love one another, give grace, and extend forgiveness as God has loved you.