Fundraising is a crucial part of Bayside Athletics. We believe that everyone has the right to be involved in the sports and activities they love. That’s why we provide scholarships and financial aid to those in need. all you need to do is file out the Financial Aid Application.

Through out the year we hold corporate fundraisers as well as team fundraisers. Corporate fundraisers exist to raise funds to help support our mission and go directly to the cost of running Bayside Athletics, where as our team fundraisers specifically to help bring down the cost of being on a competitive teams. Each athletes raised funds go directly into their account as a credit towards team fees.

Our Fundraisers Include:
1. Platinum Royalty Card Sales – Summer
2. Silent Auction – Whisky Ranch – Summer
3. Jump-a-thon – Winter

Support Us Year Round:

  1. Purchase items with Amazon Smile: before you shop amazon go to: than add your items to your cart and Bayside will receive a donation.