Meet Our Coaches

Jessica Viss

Jessica was born in Wisconsin but grew up in southern California where her love for  cheerleading begun as a pop warner cheerleader. When Jessica started coaching she had no idea what God had in store through her cheer experiences leading up to the beginning of Bayside.

She and her husband own a small design firm and have been working together as partners for over 16 years in the areas of web and graphic communications. They have 4 boys’ ages ranging from 22 to 12 years, with the addition of baby #5; who we call Baby Bayside!

As founder of Bayside she is passionately committed in building up the people around her. She believes that through successes she can help people grow a positive self-image and gain self-confidence which overflows into other areas of their lives.

Jessica strives to be her best and give her best; mastering the fundamentals is the key to achieving excellence in all you do. She takes that seriously in her life as well as the gym. She firmly believes God has blessed her with a unique platform that through the sports of cheer and tumbling she can make an eternal impact on her coaches, athletes and their families.

Assistant Director

Ashley have been coaching gymnastics/tumble and cheer for the last 17 years. Her personal career began as a gymnast and then moved into the cheerleading world and her coaching experience is similar.  She has coached recreation cheer and gymnastic, power tumbling and all-star teams.

She has one daughter...

I am so thankful and blessed to be joining the Bayside family and look forward to working with all of these athletes and sharing their passion for the sport of Cheerleading or their love for tumbling.

Wendy Stacey
Office Guru

Wendy Stacey is the best support help ever! From music to tech guru, she doe sit all; aids in all front desk responsibilities; hands out waters, checks in athletes, class enrollment, band aid giver, and most of all she always has open ears and hugs for all. She is committed to providing a fun and safe environment here at Bayside. 

Wendy is married with one child, who is an All-Star Athlete and a fierce tumbler. She love Bayside's Family atmosphere and enjoys being part of it as a staff member and a parent.

Crystal Woodlee

Crystal has lived in Wisconsin most of her life. She has dedicated her life to helping others  in her profession as a Registered Nurse, to her friends and family, and in her coaching career. She has two outgoing and athletic girls; Alyvia age 15 and Alayna age 8. They are her light of her life and first priority in life.

Crystal started her coaching career 6 years ago as a parent volunteer for a youth recreation cheer program. Now her skills include all realms of tumbling and all-star cheer. 

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with my family and friends and being able to make memories with them. She loves to traveling with her two girls, even if it's just small day trips. She enjoys being outdoors and warm weather.

She believes it is a honor to work with  the athletes. She enjoys helping them become stronger individuals and to watch them grow; spiritually, mentally, and physically; year after year. Its more than coaching them as skill - its about teaching them how to be good teammates and leaders for life. 

Cloe Acup

Cloe Acup is 19 years old and has been in the midwest her whole life so far! She is currently in school for Foundations of Teacher Education. 

Family is very important to Cloe, when she is not working at the gym she spends her time with her fiancé Jake and their puppy Odin. Together they enjoy watching movies, cooking, and going for drives. 

Cheer has always been a big part of Cloes’ life. She entered the All-star cheer world at the age of 8. At the age of 13 she was on 3 different teams and was in the gym everyday. Once she started high school she couldn’t be in the gym 5 nights a week and decided to stop cheering, but her passion never died. Her sisters started cheering at Bayside and a year later she became part of the coaching staff. She loves coaching because she loves the connection she gets to make with every athlete.


Anna Herff

Anna is 22 years old, having grown up in Woodstock, IL she decided to make Wisconsin her permanent home after falling in love with cheese curds during her time at UW-Whitewater. She successfully received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a Public Relations emphasis and is now working at Guaranteed Digital in Delafield. 

During middle school, Anna was so passionate about wanting to cheer, she coerced her mom into starting a cheerleading squad at her school. From there, her passion took off. 

When Anna isn't coaching you can find her enjoy a cup (or two) of coffee at her favorite cafe, The Sweetspot, or playing with her kitten, Calcifer. One of her favorite T.V. shows is The Office and she LOVES all things, Disney!   

Anna is excited to watch her athletes grow in the sport and find the same passion she did within the sport of cheerleading. Anna met her life-long friend through cheer and credits her outgoing personality to the sport because of the confidence she gained performing. 

Laura Fox
Special Needs Coach

Laura has been a paraprofessional for the past 14 years, 13 of those years she has had the blessing of coaching Special Olympics. 

When she is not working she enjoy spending time with my 2 kids Chloe; age 10; and Lukas; age 6.

She looks forward to her new role in coaching Bayside's Sparkle Team, the Special Needs All-Star Cheer Team; this year. She especially is looking forward to how their routine will push their athletic limits and seeing the growth in each athlete throughout the season.


Lily Czarnecki
Special Needs Assistant Coach
Allison Stacey
Jr. Coach
Alyvia Woodlee
Jr. Coach
Allie Kratz
Jr. Coach
Gavin Dunn
Jr. Coach