Our Story


Our Story

I (Jessica Viss) started my cheer career in 7th grade in Poway, CA and continued cheering through High School. I even became a professional cheerleader in 1995 as a San Diego Charger Girl. Early in my professional cheer season I began to see things very differently. I wasn’t showing off my cheer and dance skills, I was pretty much just selling my body. I was eye candy to the men in the stands and so with a broken heart I decided to quit.

I had left my cheer career behind for many years through college, getting married, and having a few children of my own.

I fell back in love with the sport while I was coaching cheerleading at Pikes Peak Christian Middle School in Colorado. Two seasons later, my family moved to Wisconsin where I quickly jumped into a coaching position at Williams Bay School.

During my time coaching at Williams Bay, I started the lil’ Dawgs cheer program. It was the highlight of every season. It did marvelous works in the older cheerleaders; building their self-confidence as they taught and poured their knowledge into the next generation of cheerleaders. It became a true mentorship program and brought the community together in great ways.

That sparked in me a desire to do more than simply coach, but to mentor all generations building them up in confidence through the sport of cheerleading. In fall 2013 I launched Bayside Cheer with six young athletes. Soon 6 athletes turned into 10, than 22 and I am astonished to say that we serve over 250 athletes per year.

Now headed into our 6th season, God has grown us past a single person headed up all  Bayside offers and has brought us a new partner. Her story coming soon!