Our Story


The story of Bayside…

I (Jessica Viss) started my cheer career in 7th grade in Poway, CA and continued on through High School. I even became a professional cheerleader in 1995 as a Charger Girl. Early in my professional cheer season I began to see things very differently. I wasn’t showing off my cheer and dance skills, I was pretty much just selling my body. I was eye candy to the men in the stands so I decided to quit.

I fell back in love with the sport while I was coaching cheerleading at Pikes Peak Christian Middle School in Colorado. Two seasons later, my family moved to Wisconsin where I quickly jumped into a coaching position at Williams Bay Schools.

During my time coaching at Williams Bay, from 2009-2013, I started the lil’ Dawgs cheer program. It was the highlight of every season. It did marvelous works in my older cheerleaders; building their self-confidence as they taught and poured their knowledge into the next generation of cheerleaders. It became a true mentorship program and brought the community together in great ways.

That sparked in me a desire to do more than simply coach, but to mentor all generations building them up in confidence through the sport of cheerleading. In fall 2013 I launched Bayside Cheer with six young athletes. Soon 6 athletes turned into 10, than 22 and I am astonished to say that in the last year Bayside served over 380 athletes.

I believe sports should be for everyone not just those who can afford them. To this date I have not turned an athlete away because of a financial situation. My hope is to never turn away a family in need and that is why I started Bayside Athletics.

Bayside Athletics is a nonprofit 501 c 3. Its main purpose is to raise funds to help offset the costs of the youth and special needs sports provided by Bayside Cheer LLC to those in economic stress or low income families. As an organization we strive to develop young athletes spiritually, mentally and physically through the sports of cheerleading and tumbling no matter what their social, financial situation or abilities.

Our programs are developed for youth ages 3-18 years and special needs athletes from youth through the young adult years. We are proud to serve Walworth County and its surrounding areas. Bayside Athletics offers cheer and tumbling classes, recreation and all-star cheer teams. We hold many clinics for our sports throughout the year to help our area youth be exposed to these sports and build their skills – which in return builds their confidence.

I urge you to come visit a Bayside class or team practice, talk to parents and see what make us different and why you should consider Bayside Athletics for your athlete.