All Star Team Fundraising

Fundraising is a crucial part of Bayside Athletics scholarship program and a great way to keep all-star individual athlete costs down. Bayside holds individual, team, and corporate fundraising events throughout the year.

Individual fundraisers offer each athlete an opportunity to raised funds directly for their person team fees account. They are not mandatory, but rather voluntary. All scholarship/financial aid student must participate in all individual, team, and corporate fundraising opportunities throughout the season.

1. Yankee Candle Summer sale, May 12-May 26. Your athlete will earn 40% of net sales, minus shipping to go towards the athletes’ personal account.
2. Scrips, Shop with Scrips. Ongoing see separate flier.
3. Double Good (AKA Popcorn Palace), August 7-14. Your athlete will earn 50% of net sales, minus shipping to go towards the athletes’ personal account.
4. WB Corn N Brat, selling 50/50 raffle, August 11-13. Athletes typically earn $50-$60 per 2 hour shift they work. During Williams Bay Corn and Brat Festival held the second weekend in August (Friday night-Sunday afternoon). The teams have sold the 50/50 raffle during the day hours and parents of team members during the night hours. The funds are divided equally among the athletes and parents who have worked shifts and go towards the athletes account. Coaches who work there funds go toward team apparel for the season.
5. Yankee Candle Fall/Winter Fundraiser, Mid October
We will be selling candles late fall for early December delivery. These are great teacher gifts! Your athlete will earn 40% of net sales, minus shipping to go towards his/her personal account.
5. Double Good (AKA Popcorn Palace), February 2018
Your athlete will earn 50% of net sales, minus shipping to go towards his/her personal account.

Team fundraisers are specifically designed to help bring down the cost of team fees. They are mandatory, all team athletes must participate in their team fundraiser. Team parents will decide on their own team fundraiser. Team fundraisers need to be held July- December. All funds raised will be divided equally among the team and will go toward what the team parents decide: an extra competition, team fees, new shirts, what ever the team parents decide to do with it. There will be at least 1 team fundraiser per season, not to exceed 3. Team fundraisers need to be approved by the director, Jessica Viss and cannot interfere with Corporate fundraising efforts.

Teams can set up local car washes, baby sitting days, jump-a-thon, gift wrapping, you dream it you can do it!

June 23, Bayside Jump-a-thon, 5-6pm
Thank you to all who sponsored athletes and those who participated, we raised $2109.60 – half way to getting our tumble trak.

Piggly Wiggly Brat Stand Lake Gevena Junior & Senior Team Fundraiser
Lead is Coach Crystal Dates: July 29th & August 26.

Piggly Wiggly Brat Stand Elkhorn Special Needs – Sparkle Team Fundraiser
Lead is Gail Grafenauer Dates: June 11, 10am-2pm

Our corporate fundraisers exist to raise funds to help support our mission to continue to offer a scholarship program her at Bayside. Athletes and their parents are highly encouraged to volunteer, help promote and participate. All scholarship/financial aid athletes must participate in our corporate fundraising events.

2017 Fundraisers Include:
1. Greenbay Packers Family Day. We will be selling tickets to family day! Make sure to get your tickets from us. More details to follow – they have not released them yet!
2. Bowling at Delavan Lanes, November 11, 5-7pm (ALL PARTICIPATE)
Doing this different this year. Each athlete has a goal of $150 in sponsorship’s. Sponsors give a flat sponsorship of $10, $15, $20, or more. The athletes will bowl 2 games as teams. They’ll bowl and bond, as they laugh and share good time together. We’ll sit back and laugh, watch, and share good times together and hopefully raise some good money!
3. February 3rd 2018, A Casino Night at Evergreen Golf Course
You can help by spreading the word, attending, volunteering. Contact Jessica Viss to learn more.
4. Amazon SMILE – Ongoing
Purchase items with Amazon Smile: before you shop amazon go to: add your items to your cart and Bayside will receive a donation.