All Star 19-20 Teams


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October 2019 Calendar
November 2019 Calendar
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Upcoming Events

All Athletes are expected to attend all events unless noted otherwise.
A full ‘Event’ list is located on
the competition page

• Oct.15: J2 Team Meeting 5:40pm, Booster Meeting After

• Oct.16: L3 & L4 Stunt Team Meeting 5:30pm, Special Needs at 5:50pm

• Oct.26  Trunk or Treat at Jackson Elementary 1-4:30pm

L4 Stunt Group: Gavin, Hailey, Sasha, Alyvia and Allison and L3 Stunt Group: Miyah, Allie K, Alianna, Emily, Elli and Extra Madisyn will be running short demos during the activities in tumbling and stunts! All are welcome to come.

• Nov.8   Date Changes Team Pictures & Showcase (Nov. 19-20 & Dec 6th)
Due to uniform ship dates we had to change our showcase & picture dates.

Team Pictures: Nov 19 & 20, 5:30pm Please show up full hair (how ever you choose it to be worn)  and full uniform:)

• Dec. 6  Showcase

Athlete Arrive Times
5pm All Stunt Teams (L3 & L4)
5:45pm J2 All-Star
6:30pm Sparkle Team