All-Star General Information

Bayside Athletics All-Star Cheer Coaches strive to provide the best experience for your athlete; spiritually, mentally and physically. We coach up our athletes to be the best versions of themselves on and off the mat. Our goal is to instill qualities and values that last a lifetime! To read more on our Values and All-Star Team Opportunities go to our All Star Page.

Mini Team Practices (Ages 5-8 years as of August 31st 2019)
All-star Cheer Mini Elite Teams will all practice 2-3 hours per week.

  • During Summer June-August Athletes interested in teams will be required to take 2 hours of classes per week: 1 hour of tumbling and 1 jumps/stunts class
  • Once School Begins (Sept-March) practice time will shift to two 1.5 hours team routine practices with tumbling training worked into the practice times. Practices will be held Tuesday & Thursdays.

Youth, Junior, Senior Team Practices
All-star Cheer Elite Teams: Level 1, 2.1, 2, 3.2, 3, 4.2, and 4 will all practice 5 hours a week. Practices 4 hours of routine work, and 1 hour of tumbling. Team tumbling hour will  rotate in what we focus per week. Some weeks we will focus on that teams routine Jump/Tumbling section and run tumbling section other weeks we will focus on individual skills. Athletes can add an addition tumbling class for a discounted rate if they wish.

  • During Summer June-August practices will be twice a week during the weekdays; Monday – Thursday.
  • Once School Begins (Sept-March) practice time will shift to 2-3 hours during the week and/or 2-3 hours on the weekend; a Saturday or Sunday afternoon practice. After tryouts we will have a set schedule of practice days and time.
  • April and Post Season goes on a modified schedule leading up to final competitions. Weekday practices will move to Fridays and possibly Saturday practice if needed.

Vacations & Absences
All-star athlete may only miss a limited amount of practices (vacation or sickness) or they will be released from the team.

  • 4 days of practice during summer: June-August
  • 4 days of practice during the season and post season: Sept-April

We have set dates for vacation; see our Important Dates Page for a complete list.
July 8-12: Bayside Athletics will closed for Summer Break.

Tuition, Costs, & Fundraisers
Tuition is due on the first of each month: June-April. Costs such as uniform, competition fees and so forth are due on the 15th of each month. There are 3 fundraisers all athletes must participate in and several others that are optional.

Season Competitions
Teams will attend competitions within the months of Dec-April. Different leveled teams attend a different number of competitions; all teams will attend 2-4 season competitions and possibly 1-2 Post Season Bid competitions.

  • Mini and Youth aged teams are non-travel teams; all comps will be within 2-3 hours of home of the gym.
  • Junior and Senior aged teams, Level 2-4 will have 2 travel competitions and 2 close competitions.

Post Season & Bid Competitions:
Post season runs April-May, practices will follow a post seasons schedule.

  1. UCA Nationals – Youth, Junior, and Senior teams are required to commit to dates & fees. Dates are normally the second week in March. Teams will ONLY attend if scoring 93 or better at UCA in December. Teams must have 2-3 fundraisers over the summer to offset travel and competition costs.
  2. US FINALS – all teams are required to commit to US Finals dates & fees. Typically the second week in April in Chicago. Teams will ONLY attend if scoring 93 or above consistently in 2 or more previous competitions.
  3. Summit – all team are required to commit to Summit dates & fees. Typically the second week in May in Florida. Teams will ONLY attend if scoring 96 or above consistently in 2 or more previous competitions. We would fundraiser for this event to help offset costs throughout the year.

All-Star Registration

All those interested in becoming a Bayside Athletic All-star must register for try- outs.