Important Dates for 19-20 Teams


This is not a fully listing of events.

May 24 & 25: Try outs. Turn in all commitments forms.

June 15, 11am-4pm: Whiskey Ranch Fundraiser & Auction

June 10-21: Mandatory Fundraiser – Platinum Royalty Cards. Athletes must sell 10, anything above 10 sold earnings go towards their account. Platinum Royalties Rewards Card Offers include local and national discounts, BOGO’s, and FREE drinks and food from the nation’s finest clubs, restaurants, and bars.

June 22: All-Star Performance’s in Delavan at Brock Street Days 10am-1pm, Exact times TBA

June 27-30: CHOREOGRAPHY All-star athletes block out the entire day, all days

July 1-15: Optional Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser. You earn 45% of your sales

July 4: Bayside at Delavan Forth of July parade & performances. All teams to attend.

July 7: Monster Trucks (we sell tickets, parking, concessions, and clean up trash!)

July 8-12: Bayside will Closed for Summer Break

August 2 & 3: Elkhorn Corn & Brat Days Performances

August 14-18: Lake Geneva Jaycees Venetian Festival

September 2: Bayside Closed for Labor Day

September 6: Unity All-Star Teams Retreat 2 Tim 1:7, Stock Food Pantry Shelves or Toothpaste Drive for Food pantry!

September 21: Walk to End Alzheimer’s performances & support, all teams to attend.

October Date TBA: Competition Season Parent Meeting

October 26: Trunk or Treat

November 1: Hold a Diaper Drive for Food pantry at Showcase/Team Photos Food available for purchase, cotton candy, softgood sales!

November 2: Levels 2-4 Routine clean up camp, 4 hours per team. Team times TBA: 8-12pm, 12-4pm, 5-9pm. Unity Night – Comp season Kick-off

November Dates TBA: Kringle Selling Fundraiser

November 25-29: Closed for Thanksgiving

Dec-Jan TBA: Jump-a-thon

Dec-April: Competition Season, Dates TBA

Dec. 23 2019 – Jan 1, 2020: Closed for Winter Break

Jan/Feb: Shelter help (Twin Oaks or Men’s Shelter – baked goods)

February Dates TBA: Optional Double Good Popcorn or Yankee Fundraiser. You earn 45% of your sales

March-April TBA: Annual Season Celebration (Season End Showcase & Potluck)

April TBA: Egg Hunt at Bayside

May TBA: Potential Summit & Try-outs

Past 2019 Events

April 30-May 8: Optional Fundraiser Yankee candle. You earn 35% of your sales
May 10: 6:15pm Parent Meeting for All-stars, Season Packet Review
May 10: 7pm Bayside Booster Club Meeting