Stunt Teams

Bayside Athletics Announces a New Era for All-Star Cheerleading.

  • You can be part of your high school, Middle School, or Recreation team and be on Bayside Stunt Team.
  • You no longer need 5 hours a week to compete!
  • You no longer need standing or running tumbling skills!
  • You no longer need to have inverted jumps! All you need is a love for stunting!

Our stunt teams are open to all athletes ages 6-18. Stunt Teams are made of 4-5 athletes who compete in just stunting. Athletes are considered All-star Athletes and must follow the USASF age grid and levels rules. Each Stunt Routine is 1:30 minutes long.

All-star Stunt Teams will practice 2 hours per week from September to the end of February. Team will attend 3 local competitions from January to the end of February.  Costs are minimal but the experience is maximized.

Stunt Teams are a great addition to athlete’s that are already on school teams. If you already have a stunt team in mind bring everyone to the clinic and we will evaluate and determine what level you would compete following the USASF guidelines.

All-Star Elite Stunt Team Fees 2019-2020

Tuition on the 1st, late fee added by the 10th
All-Star Fees on the 15th, late fee added by the 25th

Stunt Team Packet

Stunt Team: Training 2 hours per week in stunt teams
Stunt Team Fee Schedule

Stunt Team Registration is locked out for the season