Bayside Athletic’s is Walworth County’s cheer class and cheer team facility! Join us for all-star cheer, performance cheer teams, or maybe just a few extra cheer classes to up your cheer game or get you ready for try outs!

Starting in March – Ultimate Unlimited Classes

$135 per month, per athlete. The perfect strategy for those working towards cheer tryouts; school or all-star tryouts.

If you are in cheer, school or all-star, this will help you prepare for tryouts. All cheer includes: Stunts, jumps, and tumbling!Ultimate Unlimited enrollment includes any and all of our class offerings for each day. You can choose to attend: Stunts, Jumps, Flyer & Flex Class, and all Tumbling Classes.

Starting in March – Our Cheer Classes Include

Mondays: 6:15-7:45pm Poms Dance      7:15-7:45pm Cheer Jumps      7:15-7:45pm Flyer Flexibility
Tuesdays: 5-5:30pm Flyer Flexibility      5-5:30pm Cheer Jumps      5:30-6:30pm Mini Cheer      5:30-7:30pm Cheer Stunt
Wednesdays: 7:30-8:30pm Cheer Jump Tumbling Connections