Cheer Classes

Spring Cheer & Stunt Classes

April 2 – May 31, 2018 (8 weeks, billed monthly)

Please see our Attire Policy before attending.

Summer Cheer Classes

June 1 – August 31, 2018 (billed monthly)


Starting in April Bayside will offer Stunt Classes. Two levels of stunt classes: beginning/intermediate and advanced. Athletes gain better technique and learn new stunts. Athletes in the class will work partner stunts and pyramids and put together a stunt routine to perform for friends and family. Performance Date TBA (May 28-June 2). Stunt classes run 8 weeks, includes a t-shirt and SHOWCASE for friends and family.

Beginning/Intermediate Stunts: An 8-week, 1.5 hour class focusing on stunt technique. The class will have an performance of all they have learned. Stunts taught will depend on the athletes involved in the class: Focus will be on prep level stunts, 1-leg braced prep level stunts, extended two-leg stunts, learning a switch up to prep among other load-ins and transitions.

Advanced Stunts: An 8-week, 2 hour class focusing on advanced stunts. The class will have an performance of all they have learned. Stunt focuses: prone to prep, twisting into loads, extended body position tic-tocs, kick full dismounts, 2 skill basket tosses, helicopter release moves, among others. All Stunt we focus on will depend on the group registered. Ages 10 and under must be approved by Coach Jessica to be in the class.


Jumps class is a 30 minute class that meets once a week to increase your jump height, technique and overall jump skills. Cost $22 per month. Ages 7 and up.

Flier & Flexibility

An weekly, hour class designed to increase flexibility, balance, and build better technique to execute body positions with confidence. Cost $45 per month. Ages 7 and up.


An weekly hour long class that introduces all aspects of cheerleading including: Jumps, motions, stunting, and learning routines. Offering different classes for ages 3-6 and 7-11. Cost is $45 per month.

Tiny Tot Cheer

Learning all the FUNdamentals of All-star Cheer tiny steps at a time! For ages: 3-6 years. Cost is $45 per month.