Bayside Athletic’s is Walworth County’s cheer class and cheer team facility! Join us for all-star cheer, performance cheer teams, or maybe just a few extra cheer classes to up your cheer game or get you ready for try outs!

Cheer Jumps Class

$20 a month: Jump class works jump technique as well as the connection between jumps and tumbling. Come once, twice or three times a week to increase your cheer jumps!

If your athlete is already in a class prior to Jump tumbling they will go right into jump tumbling, If your athlete s not in a class prior at Bayside they will need to arrive at 7:15pm to get their bodies warmed and ready to jump.

Flyer Class

$20 a month: Come once a week to increase your balance in the air and flexibility. Focus of the class will be Balance, Body positions and technique, and increasing flexibility.

Starting in Spring!

Ultimate Unlimited Classes

$135 per month, per athlete. The perfect strategy for those working towards cheer tryouts; school or all-star tryouts.

Ultimate Unlimited enrollment includes any and all of our class offerings for each day. You can choose to attend: Stunts, Jumps, Flyer & Flex Class, and all Tumbling Classes. Enrollment price is for each participant. Once enrolled Bayside will email you the schedule to choose from, you than email back the classes you plan on attending and keep that schedule for that month.

If you are in cheer, school or all-star, this will help you prepare for tryouts. All cheer includes: Stunts, jumps, and tumbling!

Enrollment is billed monthly on the 1st of each month.