Special Needs

Bayside Athletics’ special-needs programs encourage life and movement through the sensational sports of cheer and tumbling. Special Needs Athletes benefit from their time together at practice and their work improving themselves. Our programs are for those with developmental and physical disabilities. We accept individuals of all disabilities ages 6 and up.

Tumbling Classes

Combining elements of gymnastics, fitness, and trampoline as well as movement education; our classes for kids with special needs allow differently-abled children the opportunity to be a part of a great activity. Classes are for athletes of all skill levels and abilities. Our classes provide kids with opportunities to engage in physical movement and social interactions, thereby increasing their overall physical fitness, social skills, and self-stem. We also provide private or more advanced tumbling classes for those at higher levels of tumbling.

Cheer Classes

Spring Special Needs CheerAbilities (April-May, a 8 week class, billed $45 monthly)
Is for athletes ages: 6 years and up. Class meets once a week to learning all the FUNdamentals of Cheer in a special way!

Special Needs All Star Team (Sparkle)

Bayside Athletics’ loves our ‘Extraordinary Athletes’! Our Sparkle Cheer Program is certainly special. We encourage your extraordinary athlete to help them reach their goals. The classes/team is comprised of athletes ages 6 and above with varying abilities.

Focusing on goal oriented learning opportunities and positive peer interactions while having fun and learning new skills—we have a lot of fun at Bayside.

Practice 1.5 hours a week.

Season runs September-March

Registration will begin in Summer 2018, with a parent meeting & Fitting in August