Bayside Power Tumbling

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With every class we offer, our purpose is the same — to develop young athletes spiritually, mentally and physically. We strive to positively impact youth and their families through the sports of cheer & tumbling.

Bayside’s power tumbling offers several levels of tumbling, from the very beginner to the most advanced. We separate our athlete in classes by the level in which they are at.

We firmly believe and practice perfection before progression in our classes. If you are unsure what class to put your athlete in see the below level & skills.

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Tumbling – Coaches challenge each athlete at the level they are at all in one class meeting. Weather your athlete is working forward rolls or tucks, this class is for all levels.

Standing Tumbling – Coaches will focus on standing tumbling skills.

Run Tumbling – Coaches will focus on running tumbling skills, form the round-off to advanced connections.

Advanced Tumbling –  Athletes must have fluid standing multiple handsprings to join this class. Coaches have a dedicated 1.5 class to focus on all standing and running tumbling for Tucks and more advanced skills such as: Standing Tucks, BHS-Tuck, Handspring-Layout, Layout, Arabians and their running connections.

Introduction to Tumbling – Ages 5-9 years
This is the start of learning basic tumbling shapes. All athlete must be able to perform the basics with with body control before moving on: Candlestick, Power Lunge, Push-up to Bridge, Handstand, Straight Kicks – Left & Right Legs, Forward Roll Down Incline.

Level 1 Tumbling – Focus on Rolls and Cartwheels
This is the start for older athletes, no experience needed. All athletes must be able to perform the basics with with body control before moving on: Forward & Backward Rolls, Standing to Bridge Position, Handstand, Bridge Kickover, Left & Right Cartwheels, Forward Straddle Roll, Backward Straddle Roll

Level 1 Running Tumbling – Focus on Roundoffs and the connection of all skills in level 1.

Level 1 Advanced (1A) Tumbling – All Ages – Focus on front and back walkovers and round-offs. Requirements of all skills in Level 1 must be performed with a high level of skill before moving into Tumbling 1 Advanced.
This class focuses on Roundoff technique, Front Limber, Backward Extension Roll, Back & Front Walkovers, and Walkover Tic-toc.

Level 2 Tumbling – All Ages – Focus on front and back handsprings.
Requirements of all skills in Level 1 Advanced must be performed with a high level of skill before moving into Tumbling 2.
This class focuses on Handspring Sit, Blocking, Dive Rolls, Handspring Jump & Reach, front and back Handspring, and Handspring Step-out.

Level 3 Tumbling – All Ages – Focus on connection of standing skills & multiple handsprings. Requirements of all skills in Level 2 must be performed with a high level of skill before moving into Tumbling 3.
This class focuses on Jump Handspring, Handspring Multiples, and standing tuck technique. 

Tumbling That’s Special – See Special Needs Page

Our Tumbling programs are all floor based type tumbling. View our tumbling class offerings

Practice & Attire Policy

Be prepared for class:
1. Come ready for class with flexible, comfortable clothing. No street/school clothing.
2. Please bring a water bottle. There is not a water fountain in the facility.
3. Wash hands before class, even if you didn’t use the restroom. We are a Nut free zone and must keep all equipment nut free.
4. No GUM allowed.
5. All medical waivers must be filled out and turned in at the first class. Participants will not be able to participate without a medical waiver on file. Medical waivers last for one year, so if you have participated in a class with us in 2015 than you do not need another form filled out.
6. Payments, or first payment, must be turned in on the first practice date.

Dress for an athletic class:
1. Flexible, athletic clothing. No street/school clothing.
2. No outdoor shoes allowed on the mats. Indoor cheer shoes for cheer teams and non-slip socks (yoga or jumps socks) must be worn. No bare feet allowed.
3. No bellies shown at any time, guys or gals. Athletes MUST tuck in shirts or wear under shirts that are tucked in.
4. Ladies, no Spaghetti straps, all tanks tops must have at least a 1 inch wide strap.
5. Fitted shorts must have an inseam of 2 inches or more.
6. Hair MUST be up in a pony tail or braid prior to the start of class. Hair ties can be purchased for a quarter.
6. Lose shorts may require tighter undergarments underneath to maintain proper coverage.

If the above policy is followed your athlete will NOT be allowed to participant in class.