Tumbling Classes

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Practice -> Perfection -> Progression
Bayside provides floor based tumbling programs. All classes are automatically billed on the first of the month, each month. No need to re-enroll your athlete each month. If you need to switch class dates from month to month or need to drop due to conflicts, it is your responsibility to contact Bayside via email before the first of the month. All families are charged a annual membership fee of $50.

Bayside has the right to combine or cancel classes if the minimum class size is not met. Class changes and updates will be reflected on our website calendar and those who have registered will be notified via email.

We do not want to turn away, we offer scholarships, please do not let cost stand in your way, talk to us – when there is a will, there is a way! Call Coach Jessica directly at 719-201-3660.

Tumbling Classes, January-February Class Schedule

Starting in Spring!

Ultimate Unlimited Classes

$135 per month, per athlete. The perfect strategy for those working towards cheer tryouts; school or all-star tryouts.

Ultimate Unlimited enrollment includes any and all of our class offerings for each day. You can choose to attend: Stunts, Jumps, Flyer & Flex Class, and all Tumbling Classes. Enrollment price is for each participant. Once enrolled Bayside will email you the schedule to choose from, you than email back the classes you plan on attending and keep that schedule for that month.

If you are in cheer, school or all-star, this will help you prepare for tryouts. All cheer includes: Stunts, jumps, and tumbling!

Enrollment is billed monthly on the 1st of each month.